Alumni President's Message

Dear Fellow Alumni,

The Wharton Club of Israel started its activities in the year 2000 with a handful of pioneering graduates who started forming the growing local Wharton alumni community into a club. The Wharton Israel Global Alumni Conference that was held in March of 2001 proved to be a huge success with a larger-than-expected number of delegates from various countries visiting the event.

During the first decade of its life, the club saw a dramatic increase in the number events organized by and for its members. From quarterly events with guest lecturers from both the public and private sectors to the annual gala dinners, there have been more and more opportunities for alumni to meet, network and learn.

In parallel to the growing number of Israeli students studying at Wharton, the number of members of the Wharton Club of Israel also grew significantly during the past 15 years. As more Israeli alumni taking up leading positions with would-leading organization, the cumulative strength of the club increases significantly.

We enter the second decade of the club’s existence with the desire to be the local focal point for all Wharton alumni in Israel. We have made significant investments in the club so we will be able to offer our alumni more value. This new website, which is directly linked to Wharton’s systems, is just one example.

We encourage you to contribute and offer us your input and help in making the club successful in the long run.

Eyal Gura, Tal Slobodkin, co-Presidents.