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Our Mission

In 1948, the modern Israel was founded as a social welfare state with a relatively low standard of living. Since then it has developed rapidly, both technologically and socio-economically. Out of necessity, however, successive governments have had to focus on crisis management. Due to the cost of unavoidably high military expenditures and the shortage of natural resources, the constraints that were placed on the Israeli economy were significant.

It is our firm belief that a strong society needs a strong democracy and that a strong democracy needs a strong and diversified private sector. Clubs like the Wharton Club of Israel are important catalysts for the required changes in the mindset of the business leadership and policy makers of the State of Israel.

The Wharton Club of Israel strives to create a strong community among alumni, faculty and students who share a common interest in Israel's economic future.

Our vision is to be part of a group of business leaders that will strive to:

  • Uphold the highest ethical standards

  • Lead Israeli competitiveness in global markets

  • Promote the idea of private enterprise by supporting sound privatizations and sound deregulations (ones that creates true competition and accountability)

  • Position Israel as a global technology hub

  • Support Middle Eastern integration

  • Position Wharton as a global leader in business education

  • Encourage qualified candidates to apply to Wharton

  • Promote the idea of lifelong learning and executive education

  • Promote constructive changes in society

  • Isaac (Itzik) DevashElli StreitGideon TolkowskyEyal KaplanYarom Arad

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