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Why Wharton Produces more Billionaires than any other school in the world?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The University of Pennsylvania in the US is ranked at the top of the list of universities in the world with the largest number of billionaire graduates, according to a report by research firm Wealth-X recently published. The number of undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania who have become billionaires is 25 - more than any other institution in the world - including technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, hedge fund manager Stephen Cohen and businessman Donald Trump. TheMarker- Subscribe and receive daily the most read articles in Email * Please enter an email address To register The only universities threatening the premiere of Pennsylvania are Harvard, with 22 billionaires graduates including Michael Bloomberg and Meg Whitman, and Yale University, with 20 billionaires graduates. What's the secret of the University of Pennsylvania that has made it the world's largest production line of billionaires? Wealth-X president David Friedman explained in an interview with Business Insider that the secret lies in the fact that the university is not completely focused on directing its students to the financial services or technology sectors. Move to Gallery View Photo: BloombergAccording to Friedman, although the University of Pennsylvania boasts the prestigious Wharton School of Business, it is not the main factor in the wealth of its graduates. "On the surface I think it contributes to that, but it's definitely not the main factor" to the high number of billionaires, Frediman said. - Advertising - For example, in addition to technology and finance billionaires such as Musk and Cohen, the University of Pennsylvania's list of billionaires also includes people who made their fortunes in other sectors, such as fashion designer Tori Burch or Leonard Lauder, son of cosmetics empire founder Estee Lauder. Another billionaire graduate of the university is Ronald Perlman, who made his fortune from leveraged buyouts. Other famous universities ranked on the list of institutions with the largest number of billionaires graduates published by Wealth-X were Stanford (fifth place with 14 billionaires), whose graduates include Google founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page, and Columbia University (17th on the list of eight billionaires, Including Berkshire Hathaway chairman, Warren Buffett). Among the non-US institutions with the largest representation on the list, Mumbai University in India (eighth place with 12 billionaires) stood out, and the London School of Economics in the UK and Lomonosov University in Moscow, which ranked together 10th on the list with 11 billionaires.


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